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Who Is the Digital Marketing Manager Reports To?

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Who Is the Digital Marketing Manager Reports To?

The report structure of Digital Marketing Managers varies depending on the company. So, digital marketing managers report to different people depending on their specific responsibilities and the organizational structure of the company.

Here, we will look at some of the popular report structures for digital marketing managers:

Digital Marketing Manager Reports to Head of Marketing or CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

The position of “Head of Marketing” or “Chief Marketing Officer” is an important one in many organizations. It is responsible for establishing the overall marketing strategy and direction of the company. Many companies have a separate head of marketing positions for each product or product group (e.g., Head of Marketing for mobile). The Head of Marketing often reports directly to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO). While this is not always the case, it is more likely than reporting up through several levels within the company.

Digital Marketing Manager Reports Directly to CEO or Board

Many highly successful companies have been known to have their Digital Marketing Managers or Directors reporting directly to their CEO or even Board members as opposed to having them reporting through a Head of Marketing or other executives within the company. In these cases, they are essentially reporting directly to the highest level within an organization; in many cases, they are leading their teams within those companies and are given complete autonomy over their work without having specific accountabilities that might be placed upon them if they were to report in other ways throughout organizations.

Digital Marketing Manager Reports Directly Into Different Roles Depending on Company Size and Structure

In some cases, there may be a few different people that a digital marketing manager might be reporting to. It depends on whether they are operating at a small business level, mid-sized business level, or large enterprise level within an organization. For example, if you were working at a mid-sized business, you might report directly to the Chief Marketing Officer. But, if you were working at a small business, you might be reporting directly to the CEO of the company. Depending on the organizational structure of the company, this can vary.

Why Is It Important to Know?

Being aware of the different report structures for digital marketing managers is important for two key reasons:

First Reason: It can help you determine how the company views digital marketing and the role of digital marketing within the company; 

Second Reason: You can also use it to determine how your career is structured within the company. Also, how you might be able to move into a higher position within the company.

While there are many different types of report structures that can be used, they all have one thing in common: they all involve reporting to different people throughout an organization. Depending on your specific situation and where you are within your career, you may not be reporting directly to anyone, or you may be reporting directly to a CEO or CMO. Either way, having a general understanding of this topic will help give insight into how companies view digital marketing roles and responsibilities within their organizations.

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