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What Is Salesforce 00d Object Key Prefix List?

Extracting data from Salesforce needs Salesforce 00d. Learn more about its meaning and how is the new pinch point in data extraction, transition, and updating.

Salesforce 00d Overview

Salesforce is the most popular customer relationship management (CRM) software that helps businesses in sales and marketing. This is to track their customers and prospects. It is used by small and large organizations to manage the complete customer life cycle like lead generation.

So, this includes sales process, service, etc. Also, it maintains details about your employees and business partners. Salesforce 00d is a way of describing the relationships between data elements. 

Salesforce 00d Object Key Prefix List is the most important part of Salesforce 00d. This is the set of rules that defines how the keys are created for every object in Salesforce. All objects in Salesforce have 00d prefixes except for standard objects like Account and Contact.

This document provides an overview of how to use Salesforce 00d in data extraction, transition, and updating. We are using a standard Salesforce 00d convention to show how to implement it in the data migration automation tool. The goal is to help your organization move from Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience.

Salesforce Classic to Lightning Experience Migration Tool with DataImport API & Data Export API Integration. To learn more about this migration tool, please read our blog post on DataImport API Implementation for Salesforce Migration. Now let’s understand how we can use Salesforce 00d with this tool.

Data extraction from SalesForce requires you to know about the key prefix set. This is by default in each object type. To extract data from any field without creating new key names manually. You need to use DataExport API that allows you to export data using standard key names. This standard key name convention allows you to do all.

Salesforce Data Extraction

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) tool. It means that your data is stored in the cloud. Even though you may have your Salesforce data stored in different regions. Since they all are organized under one Salesforce instance.

This is the first thing to understand before extracting data from Salesforce. Salesforce provides a unique identifier for every object and field in the system, this unique identifier is called a key name.

Moreover, the key name in Salesforce is an alphanumeric string that consists of 00d prefix and objects key name. At first, we will learn where to find Salesforce 00d and how to use it in the data extraction process.

Salesforce Data Dictionary Importance

It is important to know what 00d means. 00d stands for Data Dictionary. It was introduced by Salesforce to differentiate the standard objects from custom objects created by users.

So, the purpose of 00d is to support multi-tenant architecture. It is where multiple organizations share the same instance of the  Salesforce CRM system. Also, it includes all custom objects that are isolated from other companies within the same instance.

Object Prefix is the first few characters of key name that stores information about what type of object it is. So, it is how it should be displayed in Salesforce UI. Every hidden field has a key name associated with it. In addition, we can also find key names associated with each field in any given object.

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