salesforce youtube training

Salesforce Youtube Training

What is the Salesforce Youtube Training? You can have more awareness of this topic. If you want to understand more information, read this study.

What is the Salesforce Youtube Training?

The Salesforce YouTube training is a self-paced video course on the basics. It covers navigating Salesforce, managing records, and customizing the tool. Also, the training is down into short modules that can be in just a few minutes.

The Youtube training tool is available on the website and can be any time. The training has 10 lessons and each lesson covers one topic in Salesforce.


The Salesforce YouTube training course first covers navigating, learning how to change views, filter records, search for records, and page through records. 

Next, the course teaches users how to create new objects like accounts, contacts, leads, and opportunities within Salesforce. Creating new records is next and the course also teaches how to rename or delete existing objects. 

Users must also know how to manage their users and profiles in Salesforce before diving into more advanced topics like customizing Salesforce pages and navigating the App Exchange. Lastly, the course provides users with tips and tricks for starting their Salesforce implementation.

Goals and Missions

The Salesforce Youtube Training has the following goals and missions:

help users build a strong foundation in Salesforce.

give users an overview of the Salesforce platform.

introduce users to the basics of Salesforce CRM.

introduce users to the customization functionality of Salesforce.


The following are testimonials from people who have used the: “I thought I knew how to use but after taking a few of these videos, I found out that I was doing it all wrong,” said Salim Sane, a small business owner from New York City. 

“After taking the YouTube training, my productivity skyrocketed. Now I can do more in less time and spend more time with my family. Thank you, Salesforce!” said Raquel Garcia, a sales manager from Miami, FL. 

“That was very helpful. I learned a lot of things that I did not know before. And I have been using Salesforce for 3 years,” said Ivan Guzman, a sales executive from Austin, TX. 

“Now that I have taken the course, I can do more with my Salesforce implementation,” said Susan Anderson, CEO from Seattle, WA. “I can now customize my Salesforce pages and navigate the App Exchange.”

Technology Requirements

The following are the technology requirements for the Salesforce Youtube training, according to “This is a self-paced course so you can start whenever you want. You don’t need a computer to complete any of these videos. But you do need Internet access and a web browser. We recommend that you use Google Chrome and if you have a mobile device, we recommend you use Safari to view the videos. “

The Salesforce Youtube training has been by several publications, including the website which gave the course a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.


The Salesforce Youtube training was in July 2011 as part of a larger initiative to make its software more accessible to users.


The Salesforce Youtube training is a self-paced video course that can be at your own pace.

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