Remote Digital Marketing Manager

Remote Digital Marketing Manager Jobs

Today, remote digital marketing manager jobs are on the rise due to the pandemic. What does this mean for the role? Are there any changes in how these managers function?

Remote Digital Marketing Manager Jobs

A digital marketing manager in the office setting is responsible for managing the digital marketing campaigns and creating strategies to build a brand. The manager will manage SEO, PPC, social media, content marketing, and web design. This person may work with the team to execute the tactics, but they will not be doing the work themselves.

The remote digital marketing manager will be responsible for all of the same activities as an in-office manager. Instead of being a part of an office team or collaborating with other departments, this manager will be working with remote workers. These workers could be in different states or countries, making communication significantly more difficult than in an office setting.

Thus, this means that a remote digital marketing manager needs to have higher communication skills than the average manager and needs to be able to divide their time between many different tasks. Communication is key to a remote team because they are unable to get the face-to-face time and therefore must rely on phone calls and video calls to communicate with their teams.

As far as time management goes, you should be breaking down your days into one-hour intervals. Start with planning out your day at the beginning of each hour so you know what you need to accomplish for that hour. If you start planning at the beginning of your day then you will not have wasted hours at the end of your day.

What Makes a Good Remote Digital Marketing Manager?

To be a good remote digital marketing manager, you first need to know how to be a good manager. The biggest quality that you need to have is to be able to communicate with your team effectively. 

Further, communication is not only important in building a relationship with your team, but it is also important in defining your roles as a manager and team member. Communication allows you to figure out what skills your team members have and what they are best at doing so you can focus on developing those skills.

Then, the second quality that makes a good remote digital marketing manager is persistence. This position takes persistence because there will be many days when you will be frustrated with the lack of communication and results that come from your team members. You will need to use this frustration as motivation to push forward and think about ways that you can improve the situation for yourself and your team.

When considering whether or not someone should be a remote digital marketing manager, one of the most important things that you should look at is how much experience they have in similar positions. You do not want someone who has never managed a remote team of employees before. 


If you are considering applying for a remote digital marketing manager position, then you will need to consider how much experience you have managing remote teams. Also, you need to consider whether or not you are willing to be in a position that requires self-discipline.

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