Functions of a Digital Marketing Manager

Functions of a Digital Marketing Manager

What are the key functions of a digital marketing manager? How can he help his company with its digital marketing strategies? Find out more about this below.

Functions of a Digital Marketing Manager

There are many key functions of a digital marketing manager. First off, this person is in charge of providing digital marketing insights. He needs to provide reports and analytics on the companies:

  • search engine optimization (SEO), 
  • pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns
  • mobile marketing efforts, 
  • and more

Also, he needs to understand all the digital marketing channels to ensure that his company is spending its ad budget wisely.

Further, another key function of a digital marketing manager is to develop strategies for the company’s website. This includes making recommendations on which pages need to be redesigned or removed altogether. The manager should also look into a page design and layout as well as overall site navigation.

Aside from that, he also needs to work with other departments such as sales and customer service. This is because some of these departments are more effective when they work together with the online marketing department. He should also make recommendations on how sales and customer service can integrate with digital strategies for better results.

Then, the manager is also in charge of determining which digital marketing channels are working best for his company. He needs to compare ROI (Return On Investment) to determine which channels are working best for the company’s current business goals.

The manager should also analyze and report on competitor data, including their strengths and weaknesses. He should make recommendations on how his company can improve its digital presence based on what he learns from his competitor analysis reports.

 Finally, the last key function of a manager is to foster a positive relationship between the online department and other departments in the company. Such as finance, sales, public relations, and content creation, among others. This way, these departments will help support their online marketing strategies for better results.

How to Be a Digital Marketing Manager

To be a digital marketing manager, you first need to have good knowledge of the digital marketing processes. You also need to know how to use digital marketing tools such as Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Adobe SiteCatalyst.

Then, you need to be able to work with various departments in the company to ensure that all parties are working together for the common goals of the company. You should also have excellent communication skills so that you can explain your strategies to your team members. It will also help if you are a creative person who is good at coming up with new ideas for digital strategies.

Last Words

To sum it all up, a digital marketing manager needs to be a person who is highly organized and driven. He needs to be able to multitask and make efficient use of his time. If he can do all of these things, then he has a good chance of delivering great results for his company. So, what are you waiting for? Apply to be one now.

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