Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager

Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager

To be an entry-level digital marketing manager, you need to have certain skills, education, and qualities. To know what these are, then keep on reading. Find out more.

Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager

To begin, let us determine the roles and responsibilities of an entry-level digital marketing manager. Firstly, this person works as a liaison between the online marketing department and the company’s higher management levels.

Then, the manager has to be able to translate the strategies and ideas of the online department into a more concrete and specific plan. This can then be used by the company’s management to gauge the effectiveness of their online marketing efforts.

Further, the manager will be required to have a good understanding of website analytics. And he or she will need to know how to use this information to make decisions about which online marketing campaigns are most effective, and which ones are less effective.

Then, another responsibility of an entry-level digital marketing manager is to oversee the creation and maintenance of content for new and existing clients. This person will be tasked with creating digital content such as blogs, social media updates, ebooks, articles, videos, etc. 

So, this content needs to be consistent with the company’s brand identity. It should also be relevant and useful for potential customers. This person will also need to research trends in digital marketing and adapt accordingly.

Finally, the last responsibility is to oversee other entry-level digital marketers. This person will have people working under him that are writing content for clients, monitoring social media accounts, creating link-building campaigns, etc. So, he will have to train his or her team in all aspects of online marketing that are relevant to their job position.

Entry-Level Digital Marketing Manager Qualifications

Now that we know about the responsibilities of a manager, let’s move on to education requirements and other personal qualifications needed for this position. As an entry-level position, a college degree is not necessary for someone who wants to become one. 

However, it is still highly recommended that someone pursues a degree related in some way to business or communications before they start applying for this position. The following degrees are recommended: 

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Communications 
  • Or a bachelor’s Degree in English 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing 
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations 

Then, when it comes to skills, you need to know how to 

  • Create and manage digital content 
  • Understand website analytics and how to use this information to make decisions 
  • Manage a team of other digital marketers
  • Finally, personal qualifications are also important. 

To be an entry-level digital marketing manager, you need to have the following qualities: 

  • Communication Skills 
  • Management Skills 
  • Analytical Skills 
  • Creativity 
  • Patience 
  • Persistence 
  • Interest in Digital Marketing 
  • Professionalism

So, before applying to be one, make sure you have all these qualities.


As you can see, being an entry-level digital marketing manager isn’t as easy as it looks. You need to have certain skills, education, and qualities to do this job. So, if you are interested in the position, that’s great. Just make sure you have the right qualifications and are prepared to put in the effort to become an effective manager.

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