Digital Marketing Manager in eCommerce

Digital Marketing Manager in eCommerce

What does a digital marketing manager in eCommerce do? How can this person contribute to his company? If you are interested in knowing, then this article is for you. So, read on.

Digital Marketing Manager in eCommerce

A digital marketing manager in eCommerce is a person that is responsible for a company’s online marketing and advertising. The primary job is to make sure that the company is receiving leads from online sources and to help increase the sales of the company.

Further, he or she is in charge of researching the best online advertising techniques, which can be used by the company. They also supervise other online marketing staffs, which includes the following:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists
  • Social Media Manager
  • Content Creators
  • Affiliate Managers
  • Email Marketing Managers

Also, a digital marketing manager has to be familiar with several tools and systems. He or she has to know how to use them efficiently. And be able to provide recommendations on how they could be used by the company. He or she is also responsible for creating strategies on how these tools can be used together to effectively boost their results. 

Digital Marketing Manager in eCommerce Tools

Here are some of these tools that one has to know:

  • Facebook Insights. This tool provides information on their audience, data on their reach and engagement, and ad performance. A manager should know how to use this tool effectively. Further, they should also know when it’s time to change their Facebook ads and when it’s time to stop using them for a certain period. They should also be able to tell when there are problems with their ads. Such as a low conversion rate or an ad that does not generate leads for their company. This information can then be used by them for improvements in their Facebook ads campaign so they could generate more leads for the company.
  • Google Analytics. This tool provides valuable data about how people are using the site, who are the visitors of your website, where do these visitors come from, and more. So a manager needs to learn how they can use this tool effectively so they could improve their website and produce results that will lead them to more sales.
  • Google AdWords Keyword Planner. This free tool allows users to get estimates of searches across Google, YouTube, and other websites. A manager in eCommerce must learn how they could get useful results from this tool. So they could get more visitors to their website by increasing their search engine visibility and traffic flow.

Why are these tools important? Because these tools can help a manager to generate more sales and leads for their company. And they can also help them learn more about their customers and the behavior of their customers when they visit the website of their company.


As you can see, a digital marketing manager is a crucial employee of an eCommerce company. He or she is responsible for promoting the brand and the products of his company. And he or she also has to make sure that the company is getting leads from their online sources. 

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